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Hi i have an XK falcon i brought a bout 6 months a go,was told motor was good in it but starter was no good so couldn't start it, so brought it got it home with it motor was no good, had it. so i brought a 200 off a well known mechanic in Melbourne i have fitted it with no alterations at all just bolted straight up, i was told by some one on FB i will need a VASS so rang a vass person in Geelong, he wasn't interested at all he just said ring a roadworthy place which i did, they said i don't need a Vass as the falcons come out with a 200 motor.and a classic car club said the same.what do people think

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You don't need a VASS see

Examples of vehicle modifications that will require an Approval Certificate Hide
A VASS Approval Certificate is required for modified vehicles if the modification is structural or affecting compliance with the standards for registration.

Refer to the VSI-8 Modification Guide within Vehicle Standards Information Sheets for detailed information.

Examples of modifications for which a approval certificate will be required include:

* conversions of motor vehicles to motor homes
* engine changes where the engine is not an option offered for that model by the vehicle manufacturer
* installation of additional adult seats and seat belts
* structural modifications e.g. conversion to a limousine, truck chassis extension
* brake modifications (check VSI 8 - Modification Guide for acceptable modifications not requiring an approval certificate)
* left hand to right hand steering conversions
* vehicles modified to provide wheelchair access and restraint
* modifications or additions to heavy vehicles (check VSI 8 - Modification Guide for acceptable modifications not requiring an approval certificate);
* chassis replacement on a vehicle that has a separate chassis
* vehicle has been modified to a tow truck
Also the more detailed PDF particularly Section 6.1. where it specifically states you don't need a VASS if you fit a manufacturer's optional engine together with any associated components (e.g. brakes, suspension etc ) as supplied by the manufacturer for that same model vehicle and the engine is not modified so the increase in power is greater than 20%.
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