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Hey, i recently got meself a red xr6 XG ute.
I was wonderin if anyone out there knew where i could find
a work shop manual and other specs for my car.
Could someone out there help me?

Thanx M8ies..


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Is that Simmo from before???
(I'm gunna get an XG , nah I'm gunna get an EF guy)

If so then congratulations on finally getting a car, deciding an the XG and an XR6 at that. You may recall that I have an XG ute and an ED Sedan.

Can't really help with an online workshop manual but if you have some specific questions you could try the UteMan site. Go to UteTalk and try under the Ford or Technical topics. There are a few Ford Engineers regularly online there that are helpful.

Add some photos to the Showroom when you get a chance, something I'll have to do myself.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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