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Please forgive the long post. About three weeks ago, I noticed during heavy acceleration that the car chugged -- badly. When I eased up on the throttle, the car gradually gained speed (chugging stopped), but the chug returned under load. I've been told it could be the fuel filter (changed, no help), the fuel pump or the catalytic converter. The chugging only happens when the car is warmed up, but drives fine for the first hour when cold. The last time it chugged, instead of letting up, I kept the pedal steady to see what would happen. The chugging continued, and the CEL came on. The decoder revealed a misfire on #5 cyl. But I don't know if the chugging is a result of a bad coil pack on #5, or if the misfire was a result of the chugging. Also, I can manually reset the fuel pump cut-off, and it helps, but only for 10-15 minutes, then the chugging returns. Could it be the coil pack? Any help would be appreciated.
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