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Well I decided to go and slam out the new design with out the headers and footers or even a front page.

I want to get a few people on here and get some things rolling. let me know what you would like to see going on here.


Looks great...

The only thing I would change....and I know you can change it because another vB I'm on is updating the line of options for each post...

email/www/quote/ have this on the bottom of the persons reply....I would put in on the top just to the right of their name.

What happens is when you look at a persons information on the look right and see the quote/email/edit line and associate it with that person...when in actuality that line is for the person who made the this making any sense??

Check out this link....its from the website and they are changing to this software as we speak...I'm doing some beta testing.

The profile/search/edit/quote line is directly to the right of the persons info.

Hope this made sense.

I went to send an email on this forum to marqman and got done writing it and found that I had written the message to the person who had posted above him.

Any questions...please email me.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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