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Here's My 86 GT w/ a list of mods.

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trojans 86

so whats that wild car run?

also, afr heads are a good point to set your sites, they are an excellent head, may second only to canfields
your car would really wake up with a set of 3.73 or 4.10 gears
good luck man!!:)
afr heads

while the edlebrock heads work well they just arent the best
from what ive seen in flow numbers i like canfields the best but afrs are a close second
head flow numbers dont mean jack though if you cant get the potential air to the heads (i.e. t/b, intake, etc)
also once you get all that air in there you will need some good flowing exhaust
head flow numbers are as follows:
edlebrock 226cfm/175cfm @ .600 lift
afr 185's 282cfm/191cfm @ .600 lift
Canfield 258cfm/195cfm @ .500 lift
flow numbers are in./ex. respectively
at onlt .500 lift the canfields really impress me with some minor port work they could be an ass kickin head that could be bolted to a near unbeatable street car
i also heard something about hyd roller lifters being too heavy for high rpm cars so soilid lifter may be in the future as well
later dude
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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