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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone had one of these installed on their XR6 NA (or any other falcon I guess).

I was just wondering if it provides a noticable difference to performance? Also, how much louder does it make the exhaust? I want the car to be a little louder, but not nieghbourhood disturbing.

This is the exhaust I was talking about:

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if you want louder but not neighbourhood disturbing then herrod is your go. i'm am very happy with mine. makes the car sound that bit gruffer at idol and when you open her up she roars.

it doesn't drone at cruising speeds, which is an absolute must for the sake of your sanity.

as for performance, a cat back does jack all. its the extractors where the power gains are at. i'm sure there are gains from a cat back but i've had a few on my various cars and you can't really feel a difference.

just the smile when your car roars. :)

i've got a mate with an unaltered ba xr6 and whenever he rides in my car he comments how he wishes his sounded like mine. (i love it) hehehe.
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