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It's me...the guy with the Fairlane. My Cougar is same color as yours!...sorry to say it's a lease tho' so I'm givin' it up in March '02.It's the wife's car. (actually the son's since he just got his license about 6 months ago) I wanted to do some bolt on's like intake, chip,exhaust ect... but wife wouldn't let me!!! I did a couple runs at the local dragway (Milan, MI) in the summer of '00. I don't have slips but best was about 16.8 with bad reaction times. It was my first time at a dragstrip and a completly stock Cougar. I think with a good driver these cars could do low 15's stock! Rock on... PP

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Hey PinckneyPirate,
Good to hear from you! I love the color best. The mod market is just now starting to expand after about two years. You could do a KKM intake and keep the stock box to switch out when you send the car back. That would give it a little more pep but sound more like an older car with the lid flipped. Feel free to contact me any time. I hope it's a manual because there is a big difference between the manual and automatic!
Rob :s6:
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