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What's up? Just figured out this site finally;)
Anyways, this is matt89glturbo from pt.
Some updates since we've talked:
My WRX turbo supposedly arrives tomorrow for my 89GL. my '90GL is running strong and pushing 200k miles. Got my whole exhaust situation figured out: pacesetter pipes, cherry bomb muffler and a cool 3" tip from checker. Nice and quiet until you want noise;)
kamikazi: STB's are stalled again, broke my only cutting bit. Will resume when I get the new one. I now feel that I can do port and polish jobs. I recently finished my exhaust manifold. YES, exhaust. I have pics at: along with a lot of other BS. My price for exhaust manifolds are $150. I can only do GT manifolds, not GLs (OK here, right?) I can do ALL throttlebodies, ATX or MTX, for $50. Intake plenums and runners are soon, and expect less than exhaust manifold. These aren't real huge gains in size, but they are very smooth, especially all intake parts/tbs.
ported tb is at:
Gauges will be tested as soon as the turbo is installed, then they will be available for sale.
All past prices still stand.
And last, I can do custom plug wires now. They are MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor wire. Custom for probes, even closer than like autolite sets from checker. I would need a total of 8 orders to start them, and the price is $42 per set, including coil wire, and they are available indefinately after the first 8 at the same price.
Pics: (I don't think the link works yet, so if you are interested, I attached it to this message)


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