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Hello all,
I'm Tim. I've got an 87 LSC that I'm currently resurrecting from the dead. I bought it a couple years ago to drive, but on my first trip, I blew the motor straight to hell. So, at first, I decided to fix it, then decided to rebuild it, and now........things have gotten completely out of hand.
I chucked the 5.0L, and went to a 5.8L sportsman block that I had all rebuilt and balanced. It's got solid lowered motor mounts to offset some of the deck height, GT-40 aluminum head which I had ported when i got them in the mail, GT-40 intake which is currently at Extrude Hone being ported, E303 cam, roller rockers and lifters, Edelbrock polished aluminum water pump, Fluidampr balancer, Ceramic coated 351W shorty headers, BBK cold air intake with K&N filter, FRPP 9mm wires, Billet aluminum wire looms, new sensor and relay packages, FRPP high output CD coil, FRPP high output mini starter, new PS pump, smog pump, FRPP blue silicon hoses, Ford Motorsport tall polished aluminum valve covers, which is where I'm at about now.
Future additions include: March aluminum serpentine pulleys for every accessory, 40lb fuel injectors, 70mm throttle body from Kenne Bell, (oh, I'm going to get the computer burned from Kenne Bell too as my 5.8L isn't exactly going to fit the fuel curves of the stock 5.0L computers), and very possibly a supercharger from Kenne Bell (although Jim Bell said he wouldn't sell me one until he hears my engine run first).
That's the engine setup I've got going, but my current issue is more along the lines of suspension woes. I've been on the horn with the folks at Art Morrison Enterprises, and have been hoping that I could install a new custom air ride setup in the Mark. The problem is, that I'd have to completly cut out the subframe, and install theirs, and weld their system into place.......we're talking high dollars here. So, now I'm faced with a couple choices.....either stick to the stock system, and try to build some strength around it......or....custom build a hybrid with tubular K-member and control arms and custom build a seat for the air bags of the stock system.........or........chuck it all, and go with a tubular coil over system in the front, and possibly either a coil over setup in the rear, or potentially an IRS (Independent Rear Suspension, for those like me that didn't know what the heck that meant until recently).
Anyway, any input any of you can give me in this area would be appreciated.
Geez, this has been one long message for just saying "hi", huh? Well, just wanted to let you guys know there's yet another Mark VII motorhead out here. In my particular case, it's more like the mad scientist creating a monster....: ) 'later all!!:evil:

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Thanks, Dave, for the input on the suspension. I had considered going the route of a coil over conversion, but have rested on a new solution. I've been in contact with a guy in the local area that's going to work with me on this system. What we've come up with is a tubular k-member and a-arm, as well as adjustable rear control arms, BUT, with one major difference. Instead of going the coil over route, or sticking with the stock air ride, we're going to fabricate mounts on the tubular a-arms for his air ride system. The car will have the smooth ride of a Lincoln, it should corner rather well, AND the cool this is that I'd be able to adjust the ride height of the car at the touch of a button. Granted, it's going to cost me a bit, and it'll take some work, but in the end, it'll be a true one of a kind. As soon as I can compile the funds for this little endeavor, that's where the monster is headed. Again, thanks for the input........(god knows I can use the help.: )
'later :evil:
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