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Hi from a Cougar owner in germany

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Hi Ford friends !
Many greetings from germany. I got a Mail and, well, this Messageboard is cool. I own a 1999 Ford Cougar 2L ZETEC. Check out my homepage for more details.
I've seen that Fern and some other Cougar owners already are a member of this board also. We communicate on a Messageboard :
That's it for the first post here.... I will now read in your sections :)
Greetigs from germany
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Cool I was born in Weisbaden, West Germany (when it was west), and my name is Marc (with a C) too!

How do you like your Cougar? Why didnt you purchase the 2.5L V6?

Is it really called the "Ford Cougar" in Germany? Here in the USA it's the "Mercury Cougar".
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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