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Hi from a Cougar owner in germany

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Hi Ford friends !
Many greetings from germany. I got a Mail and, well, this Messageboard is cool. I own a 1999 Ford Cougar 2L ZETEC. Check out my homepage for more details.
I've seen that Fern and some other Cougar owners already are a member of this board also. We communicate on a Messageboard :
That's it for the first post here.... I will now read in your sections :)
Greetigs from germany
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Hi Stacy94PGT !
... I live about 30km south of Stuttgart. Nice area. At the beginning of the Black Forrest. Nice roads to ride.
I've been to Trier once for a short trip with some friends. Nice old town.
Hi Marc :)
I've been to Wiesbaden and Mainz a lot of times... Well, the Cougar is offered by FORD in Europe,Mercury is a brandname so it's the only difference. The Cougar has some other basic equipment features than the US Version (standard side airbags, ABS, tighter suspension, automatic climate control...).
Why I didn't purchase the V6 ? Two years ago I had enogh money for the four banger but not enough for the V6. The V6 was around $4000 more expensive here than the I4. Not as cheap as in the US where the I4 and V6 are only $500 different in the base version. I really like the looks off the car, the dual exhaust adds a little more sound and the I4 is as fast as the ATX V6 version of the Cougar, thats ok for me. But right now I am planning to buy a historic Mustang (65-69) together with my brother. Then we will have a V8 :)
Many greetings from germany to the US
GalaxyEng / The doctor - yeah, Bitburger beer is a good beer, not my favorite but it's good. Weissbier is my favorite beer. Your brand Prinzeregent Luitpold is pretty good :) I also prefer Flensburger Pilsener and Wilkenburger Black. Well, here in germany we have more than !! 10000 !! different beers (there are many many many little breweries, many are just local).
GalaxyEng, I've been in Karlsruhe for 9 months in 1992 for my germany army time. It's a nice place. How often you come to germany ? Are you from Australia !? I am watching the Ford V8 Supercar races via satellite. A lot of racing fun :)
And you are right, it's a lot of fun taking the Cougar or any other car to the german Autobahn and drive as fast as you can :)
At least you won't get a ticket there.
Today I got my new 17" rims... look at my Homepage:
Many greetings from germany
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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