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Like the forum, just got here. I know some stuff about cars and trucks in general, but nothing Ford-specific...I used to be a Dodge-nut, then I started hearing about spark knock. Quality product, 'eh? At any rate, I'm aiming to pick up a Lincoln Mark VIII soon. I know that it's running on a 32V DOHC 281 (4.6L) V8, but I don't know what the torque numbers are on the engine. I found a flat 280 for a HP figure, but couldn't dredge up anything else. An actual power-curve would make me really really happy, if anyone's got one for these advanced engines. All I can really say about it is that the fact that it's on a 1:1 HP:CI ratio impresses me; that, and the technology Ford put into it's design. I can't wait to drive one, and can't wait to really get into this board.

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