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High Idling Problem

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Have tried everything I can think of for this problem. It idles too high. I have turned down the idle and adjusted the timing many times. Put two used and one brand new idle sensor in.

It hunts is high and then low, high and low..soars very high when only re-starting car will put it back to normal. Drive a bit and it reverts back to 'hunting'.

Have talked to a ford tech (no longer employed with them) who told me there was a recall on Mustangs (not sure what year) to fix this problem...he also said something about a 'jumper cable' made to fix this problem.

Does anyone know what he is talking about and/or how to fix this problem short of going to ford dealership?

I am major frustrated/fed up here :fmad:

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Have you tried cleaning the IAC valve or the wire on the Mass Air Meter?

The IAC valve should be cleaned once a year (kinda like changing the fuel filter)..whether you think it needs done or not...
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