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I know its short notice, but I thought some of you guys might be interested in this. I think it might be a little cheaper than $250 now... call or email simone for more details....

We have pleasure in confirming that the next AAM Drive Day will be held at Oran Park on Saturday 27th October.

The day will be run as a series of 20-30 minute on-track sessions, with drivers grouped according to their experience, and the type of car they are driving.

There will only be 8 to 10 cars on the track at a time.

We will be able to provide each driver with quality “in-car“ tuition (if desired) from one of our team of AAM instructors during the day, to help polish up your techniques and enhance your driving skills.

The cost of a Drive Day is $250.00 incl gst per driver and will include a light lunch. Catering will be organised for the number of participants only – if you have people coming out to watch who would like lunch – please contact Simone on 9899 3888 – there will be a small fee.

We look forward to receiving your registration form and a cheque in favour of AAM to secure your place on the days. Until then, Safe motoring.

Simone Cavanagh
Course Co-ordinator

Call Simone for Direct Deposit Details and Credit Card Payment
(02) 9899 3451
Post to AAM Drive Day
PO Box 747 Castle Hill NSW 1765

Any changes to mailing details or new email details please contact Simone 02 9899 3451 or Fax 02 9899 3440 or email [email protected]
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