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HM Headers exhausts.

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Does anyone here have an HM Headers Exhaust without the headers\extractors fitted to their EF\EL I6?

Are you pretty happy with the sound? And does it make a big difference? (louder?) What about prices? Their site is down at the moment so I thought i'd ask here and see what people think.

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I think Hm are original suppliers of headers to Ford/Tickford but I don't know about the exhaust. I believe if you ask Tickford they will point you HM's way.

You won't get a reply from their web site or at least I didn't and I know of another that tried also From memory there is a 1300 number to call.

Sorry that's as much as I know.
Welcome to the board Robert, and it is great to finally have a fellow Tasmanian to back me up;)

Actually you were the guy that told me about the Hm website that I talked of up further but I couldn't remember if your car had a HM system.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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