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Hi I am hoping some one can help me especially if you work at the Ford Australia (Broadmeadows) factory. I am an RMIT uni student doing a study on the Ford production System have been to the plant and been shown all the benefits of the system but wanted more of a shop-floor perspective on it and how you have found it, especially the following areas. Any help would be very much appreciated thanks:

Is there much emphasis on giving employee suggestions? Do workers input many?

Do you get much variety with maintenance work and opportunities to utilise problems solving techniques etc. Do you get more say in work?

Are there any problems with material shortages on the line due to lean production or does it work quite smoothly? eg having to hurry down the line to try and find materials to warn they were dangerously short of a part, while the line continues to move does this happen often.

Are inspectors monitored for missing quality defects?

Do you get tasks that were previously done by middle Management.
Thanks again
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