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I discovered this forum by an e-mail from "out of the blue" (pun intended). I own a 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible, which I am in the process of restoring. The car was parked in a barn in 1973 (remember the gas lines? I do....) As a result, it is NOT a hot rod. I am in the process of removing everything that's removable. I have the rear end, front suspension and transmission out, getting ready to pull the engine. There is some structural work to do, but not too much. Obviously, there is some rust to be repaired around the wheel wells and rocker panels, but the car is complete except for one piece of chrome around the right rear wheel well. I joined the Lincoln Continental Owner's club, but I'm going to be looking for any help/advice/assistance I can as I attempt to restore this car to her former glory. My goal is to restore it fully, not necessarily as a "show" car (though I intend to participate in LCOC events) but to USE. I don't live far from work, and I've driven a 34mpg rice-burner for 240,000 miles, so I've earned the right to chug some. I'm looking forward to hearing my 430cid/300 hp engine come to life some day in the not too terribly distant future!!

This is actually my second restoration project. Just before I turned 15 (in '75), I bought a 1949 DeSoto for $75, which included towing it to my mom's house. Everything but the block, radiator and pistons was in the trunk (and the pistons were lined up behind the grille). It took me three years, but I got that car running good enough to carry me to and from my college many many times (~180 miles, and up into the mountains of Virginia). But that's another story....

I do own another Ford (well, Mercury, actually). It's a very standard '93 Sable wagon.

I remember as a kid growing up we were an all-Ford family. The earliest cars I remember in our driveway were a 1957 Ford Fairlane and a 1964 Galaxy. Later, after my brother blew out the engine on the '57, we got a brand new 1967 Ford LTD, and rounded out the stable in '72 with a '71 Mercury Marquis (with a 429, that 2.5 ton car could burn rubber! I'm not sure my mom knew that , but I sure did! heh heh heh)

Well, that's my background. I'm looking forward to hearing from fellow Continental enthusiasts!
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