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Here's my buddy's 88 MK VII LSC.

5.0 HO, T5 5-speed, 3.27 trac lock, 9 psi Ford Motorsport supercharger, Holley Aluminum heads, Holley upper and lower intake, 70mm MAF w/ 24# injectors, 190 lph fuel pump, 70mm BBK T-body and spacer, 1-5/8" Mac shorty's, 2-1/2" off road, and complete exhaust system, stock cam w/ 1.7 "Cobra/Crane" roller rockers.

Oh...and did I mention Climate Control and ALL power accesories?! (24mpg on a trip from Albuquerque to Michigan....not to shabby!)
At the strip, on radials: 13.74 @102.21. Stock bottom end has 86000 miles on it, with no problems-----yet!

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