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wassup guys!!only 2?:eek: maybe we should tell the other ceg'ers about this place!:p
this could be the new hangout,when ceg is down!

:nuts: :evil: :WH: :evil2: :flame: kool smilies!!:D

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By all means, SPREAD THE WORD. I think this can be a rocking site for you guys. Get a group of your buddies together, get some forum topics put togther and I can set up a forum to your liking when you say so. All I ask is that you have enuff folks to support the area. If your tired of the other sites, try us. Family friendly with the Mod's and Admins being hands off. You can even mod your own area, set up forums for chapters with in your cummunity and much more.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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