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How many have considered...

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Swapping out the stock motor for the 3.0L motor from the Taurus? I was reading the article in MM&FF where the SHO Shop did an SVT Tour and picked up like 60-70 wheel horsepower, not to mention the torque increase. The articl also stated that everything was a direct bolt-on. The heads only need minimal wprk (filling in extra coolant holes) for the swap. Anyway I just thought it seemed natural to swap a motor that would mate right up to everything you have. Wish us 4.6 guys had that kind luck with the 5.4 :(
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we'll be doing that 3.0L SVT swap here for any ford zx2, contour and taurus, ( as well as doing a 5 sp change over for the Taurus).

At the moment we are still working on the new facility to handle this work but we should be ready by mid summer.. If you wish to find out more about the swap we are located just north of Toronto, our mechanics and tech's are Ford trained and certified.

[email protected] or go to URL for phone number and mailing address.. As of right now we don't list on the web site any news of this .. but soon.

check out forums.

few have done it and some are doing it.
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