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How much horsepower would I get with this setup:

10:1 compression, TFS or AFR heads, TFS, Systemax II or RPM intake, 228*-236*@.050" with .540"+/-lift cam, 1 5/8" longtube headers, 70mm TB, 77mm MAF, and port match the intake to the heads. Have the block equa-decked and then decked for a .010" out of the hole height, this will give you the proper quench and most compression on a FT piston. The LT headers will help with the lowend grunt. The heads will work great for this power level out of the box so you shouldn't have to port them until you decide you want more HP(which won't take long). In this combo the cam is the brain of the motor so it is very important to get the right one.

I was told about 350hp (258kw) providing I get the right cam.
Anyone agree?

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Some of those specs sound familiar well above 240 KW 250+ with fresh well put together ballanced mill.That cam power from 3k,rpm on.But with that sort of compression there would be good torque under that.
1 5/8 headers are actually smaller than the ports in those heads.Have seen custom headers made were the first 30mm has been taken out to 1 3/4 but only 1 5/8 wide for the bolts to be accessable.They make more torque that way they say.Exhaust ports are slightly oblong and higher.[t.f.s] In those heads. Hope I axplained that right.Those heads flow 400 H.P out of the box.
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