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I put a complete Turbo Coupe rearend under my '88 LX Mustang convertible a couple of years ago. At that time, I replaced the calipers with fresh rebuilts from a local parts store. I added a porportioning valve, and the foot brakes work very well.

The problem - I moved to North Carolina, and they require a safety inspection, which requires a functional handbrake. I had the cables hooked up, but application of the handbrake does not apply any pressure to the brake pads. After messing around a bit, I disconnected the cables at the calipers, and found that moving the handbrake lever on the back of the caliper throughout its entire range still does not move the pads. I'm guessing that there is some kind of adjustment at the caliper to get the handbrake apply lever close enough to the pads to get them to work. But I'm stumped as to how to do this adjustment.

I looked up both early and late Turbo Coupes in the Haynes manuals at our local discount parts store, and found nothing that looks like my rear calipers (at least, in the handbrake apply area). My calipers have a lever that is about 1" long coming out of rear of the caliper. It is centered in a large plug (perhaps a nut?) that looks to be about 1 3/8" across the hex. These calipers are the same as what was fitted to the Turbo Coupe axle when I got it.

Any input on what I have and how to adjust it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks Dan
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