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Hey Guys

Hey guys, my name is Fred Carlier and I have never owned anything but a Ford. I've always said if it doesn't have a Blue Oval on it, you won't see it in MY driveway.
I currently own a '69 Mustang GT that I drag race. It is the first car I ever bought. I also have a '00 F150 x-cab
4WD Off-Road with the 5.4 and towing package to get the Stang to the track. I also have a '91 Tempo for a work car.
I used to have an'85 EXP Turbo car that I let get away. If any of you know where to find one, PLEASE let me know, I want another one. I've had many other various Fords and have been happy with every one of them.
Hope to visit this site often, now that I've found it.
I'm in need of another '69 Mustang Fastback body to make a tube chassis car out of. Let me know of any leads.
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just a question on this edit. Does anyone know if this edit replaces the unichip,TSI module or any other type of chip we have fitted. I was told by a tech that the edit is to replace the after market chips we have fitted. It is not programable to the various differances of each car. It is non adjustable. Unlike the chips on the market at the moment, which are set for each car on the Dyno the edit is one programe for all cars. Is this true ? Has anyone asked the question.
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