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I got a free orbital buffer!

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Cool, I got my hands on a free two-handed orbital buffer which I would like to use this Spring/Summer on my vehicles. I have some questions though about using it. I have mostly hand buffed and polished my car. I am not familiar with what kind of waxes are good for removing oxidation, scratches, swirl-marks, etc? I know that there are the different numbers and it's good to start with the rough stuff and move your way up to the super polishes. Is there any particular brands that work well with orbital buffers?
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I have no earthly idea. I just clay bar my car then wax the fool out of it.
I've heard a little about those clay bars, where do you get them? And does it work pretty well?

That may work well, then I can wax it with the buffer, then hand polish. Anyone still have any idea what to use with the orbital buffer? Remember, I have an 11 year old paint job! (Hopefully that will change soon)
Ill ask my friend, he does detailing for his friends and a couple of selected customers on the side... He should be able to help you out by suggesting a couple of products they use.
Clay bars work very well. They take pollution, dead bugs, and towel scratches off of a car. Brings back the color of the car as well.
3M makes a really good polishing compoud. it's microfine. i've used it on a number of cars and it works great. they sell it at most parts stores. it's in a small bottle but it lasts..
BTW you can buy clay bars at any auto parts store.
I seriously doubt a clay bar is going to help my car, at this point I'm just trying to keep it moderately clean.. a paint job is in the plans, I'm hoping to find the time to maybe fix some of the dents myself to make the job alot cheaper. Does anyone have any good pointers for me? I've never done any body work, mostly small door dings, and a few rust spots nothing major. A couple of dents, nothing to smashing.. pointers?

Clay bars are good for scrubbing **** out of you paint without getting that nice swirlly look... You can pick them up at any "Decent" parts store...
Mothers makes one that works ok....
I dont use much build up...
As far as buffing. Use a foam<egg crate> pad and 3M Finnes-it 2.
On a 7 year old paint job you will spend all day with microfine trying to remove swirls. And if you use a cloth or "sheep skin" type pad you are going to be very dissapointed in the results.... We have a Urathain clear coat and cloth will swirl the hell outta it. A foam pad will remove swirls and is recomended for our paint type.
Finnest-it 2 is a fine cutter polish. When used with an orbitail buffer it will remove oxidation and blend out hairline scratches <swirl marks,spider webs> DO NOT STAY IN ONE SPOT TO LONG WITH A SPONGE.. they heat up fast and you will melt the paint.... A polisher would be quicker at doing this but a buffer will work...
After getting all the swirl marks out... get a decent wax.
I kinda like Finnal inspection by magwier. Its a spray type wax.... good for deailing... I dont wax my car much.....wax build up dulls a finnish. So I just hit the high spots with spray detailer.. After the finnes-it 2 it will shine for a long time any just need a thin coat of wax to seal it again.... and the spray detailer will do that nicley. After painting sevral Harleys at the factory..<100 a day to be exact> and manualy buffing out Buel parts....we have found these two products to work the best.. Now that I dont work there anymore I still use them......****py part is now I have to buy the stuff.. :(
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