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Perhaps just age, but I needed only reading a 1/3 to reply. First off, your continued calm and patience evident through coherent communications here, plus proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, already tell me you realize the value from allowing your BIL to continue living is worth 1,000x more than anything it costs to recover your wife's car to pre-butchered status.

2.) Simply call Crutchfield and see if they have your factory plug end. If so, just reconnect to the cut wires matching colors to restore to an intelligent baseline. If they don't then go to the dealer or look to online suppliers like RockAuto if they have the factory end. Then, get the adapter harness as would have been intelligent in the first place. Crutchfield's directions are of the quality that gives me indication you'll do quite well finishing up on your own.

3.) Do not under any circumstances let her brother near the car. Ever again. For anything.

I caught that you ran down some blown fuses which is good. For big power draws like blower and lights you know about the relays, in both inside fuse box and another in an exterior fuse box under the hood in case you did not check yet. One trick to check them is to find an EXACT same one in the fuse box and temp swap to confirm they do/don't work. The real fear if confirming all fan-related relays are working (I'd just buy them new - can't be more than $6 ea.) is that the blower module is fried. It's not just a resister coil for $20 anymore like the old days. It's more like an epoxy embedded circuitboard for $200 from the dealer. Ebay (even Rockauto or will have them new or used for alot less.

Finally, you're wise not to use a shop for more than just money reasons for this kinda diagnostic hunt n pecking. Do a simple cheap online short term subscription to or IDR for access to a .pdf of the official factory service manual for her car. good luck.
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