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Hello fellow focus owners and enthusiasts glad to become a part of this forum/community. So, my wife bought a 2012 Ford focus mk3 which she loves, and I like driving as well, to be honest I didn't think that I was going to be a fan at first but once I drove it, I fell in love with it. unfortunately, I neither me or my wife have been able to drive it this winter it's just sits outside in the driveway looking all sad and neglected. This is due to my Wifes brother, he wanted to prove to me that he knew how to install a cd player, some subs and an amp. I told him that I had hooked up a few before so I didn't need him too, however my wife begged me to let him do it because he was trying to make a good impression on me or something like that. Against my better judgment I let him, he didn't get the after-market wiring harness adapter that just plugs straight into the factory plug, instead he cut the plug off and spliced his own wires, the cd player worked but stayed on after the car was off all the time. He tried to find a 12-volt switched wire behind the fuse box underneath the glove box, he cuts some wires, and something sparked he said. I spliced the wires back together, replaced any fuses that had blown, pulled the relay and checked it but still could not figure out why the heater blower stopped working along with the headlamp switch, it does nothing. Luckily for me the ford has daytime running lights, so the lights work even though the switch does nothing.... Any advice or pointers you might have would be greatly appreciated, and my focus would be grateful as well. I'm not mechanic I only have basic knowledge, but I can't afford to take it to a shop, and neither can my wife's brother thank you...
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