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G'day guys, as most of u already know
my engine finally blu at last weeks
drag meet.
So i'm after another.
It's a 4.0lt EB series 2.
Could anyone who knows of one being
wrecked with low k's (100,000)
let me know.
And does anyone know of any places
that sell complete front cuts in sydney.
My phone number is 0404479499.
Many thanks in advance.

I want a turtle!
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Hi EB,

Try and contact "Kypez" on this forum. He has a old EB 4L in his garage.

Plus he has the ELXR6 Motor that I mentioned earlier. If you just use the block, and keep the rest of your gear, you wont need to do any conversions. (Plus you will get the better cam)

Kelli S
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