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What up y'all, this is Paul from the old site but since I couldn't get Paul for my user name, I changed to MISHNAH, which is my nickname. I've been real busy working and going on vacation so I never have any time to go on the net. I really like the new message board but the old one was somewhat simpler.

Anyway, a few days ago I was driving through Baton Rouge going home in heavy traffic and stuck behind an 18 wheeler. I decided to try to pass him and since I know that on manuals you can downshift to get more accelaration, thats what I did. Only with an automatic. I was going about 25, pulled it into second and floored it and, yes, spun my tires. I didnt think I spun them but the smell that came into the car was very much that of burnt rubber. And the acceleration was pretty good too. Thought it was pretty cool even though I probably damaged my tranny some.

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