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Got a curly one for you.............

Have an XD Fairmont Ghia with a sports dash instrument cluster. It has 2 umbilical connectors on the back that connect all the wires/gauges/lights etc.

I have just removed the whole unit as I have built a custom dash with autometer gauges. I have hooked up the alternator warning light circuit only.

NOW.....when I turn the key off, the car keeps running??? (Alternator light comes on)'s where it's got me gooned up.........when I push the brake pedal in, the car shuts down! or I can shut it down by opening the Alternator warning light circuit. Please explain!!

I know there's a few other diodes etc on the dashboard circuit or I need to hook up one of the open circuits on the umbilical plugs.

Your auto-electrical skills would be much appreciated.

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