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Hey there,
I'm working on my 2.3 efi lx Mustang , (an 89)
and I cannot find any data on the ignition timing in my book.
Currently I have about 6 degrees of advance from idle (1k) to around 3K
is this right?
what are the degree positions I shpould be looking for......idle , 3K, etc....
Any all information on this would be helpful,
My acceleration is a little sluggish, but cruising is fine
Thanks in advance (TIA)

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Trev, if you have DIS (no distributor), then timing is not adjustable. However, if you have a distributor, the initial timing is adjustable. The specs are listed on an emissions sticker on the firewall or radiator brace, or fenderwell. When you check, make sure you disconnect vacuum line to dist, or if you don't have vacuum line, disconnect the single wire connector above the harness connector for the ignition module. It makes it easier to read if you mark timing marks on crankshaft pulley with chalk. Once initial timing is set, then plug in single wire connector, and see if timing advances with engine RPM. If you have a manual transmission, 6 deg initial is right on. If auto, timing should be a little higher, maybe as much as 12 deg. At 3000 RPM, you should be getting max advance, around 27 deg, more or less. Hope some of this helps. Don
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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