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Ignition timing/ TDC on a 94 ford probe GT

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I replaced the distributor and forgot to mark or check where everything was positioned before doing so. Do I need to completely reset the timing? Or is there a way to simply just set the timing of the distributor? If I end up having to reset the timing completely can I find TDC by removing the #1 cylinder spark plug and turn the pulley until I feel compression in the #1 cylinder spark plug hole? If so would it be as simple as finding TDC and aligning the rest of the timing marks up? Thanks in advance, ive almost got it up and running again just need a few tips!!!
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replace the distributer... it will Only fit one way and thats the Right way... after that put it about midway as far as the adjustable slot goes... fire up the engine let it warm up.. put the timing connector in place, Then check timing with a light and set to 10 degrees tdc..
shut down car, remove timing connector from the port and ur good to go... if ur not sure what im talking abt, just google probe gt ignition timing set and it will walk u thru with pics....
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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