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I'm here , no fear...SHOtyme

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Goodness another SHO in town,,,, I luv it. Whatever would Ford do without us to SHO the way..You go guys!

Marlene and Snowwind

Fellow Ford Family Members read this...Snowwind is 307,800 miles+++ and many more to come your way.

'90 MTX O X FOrd white, totally unmodded, OEM, as God and Ford intended a family sedan to BE!
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60K maintenance

to: LastSHO,,3 times,timing belt, twice hoses and other belts, plugs/wires once, ...recently had inspection of plug wells, all dry. Needing to do...second crank seal, and on Monday, rear links and bushings all original come out.Possible replacement soon 3rd set motor mounts. I insist on OEM, stock, as close to original as Ford can now supply.

Marlene and Snowwind
LASTSHO, regarding the decision on OEM parts.. I tried changing a few items years ago and was immediately surprised at the failure. In my humble opinion Ford probably did test these cars a million miles or whatever their rules are. One mod leads to next mod, etc. That was the feeling I got from the slightest change of any part. Other than killing batteries of any manufacture, which I now found amusing, an SHO is just going to beat to death any suspension you give it. Batteries...each new one given to Snowwind would take a little time more or less for him to figure out a way to killllllllit. I mean from 59.00 to 93.00 didn't matter, "gold" posts and "platinum"leads wouldn't make a damn. It's just his favorite toy to abuse!!!I lost count, maybe 7 of them. But I will say this, other than 2 or 3 times when his power control locks for the passenger side don't work(and they correct themselves when he's good and ready!) no electrical nightmares....I've never had wiring harness touched except for dusting off. All relays are original, all sensors are original, firewall solenoid replaced once(10.50 big bucks), fuses are original, no arching, smoking wires, no electrical headlight intermittant stopping, all the typical nonesense.. not him. So, batteries for breakfast o.k. you got it!!!Go Snowwind. Gotta love the old boy, he's got class.

Marlene and her good buddy Snowwind.
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