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image problem

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Just come across a problem while trying to post an image. I scaned two pictures of the same car but different shots on to my pc for the purpose of posting on this forum. It won't allow the second picture because it is a duplicate or it thinks it is. The shots are completely different but of the same car. File name for the photos are also different so what's the story. Never come across this before using the same technique:thumbdown
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You can attach only one pic per post as an attachment. If you have them on a server somewhere you can attach as many as you wish. The file names of course will have to be different. Also the size needs to be under 100k in size.

You have already attached this image to a post. Please refrain from uploading duplicate images. If you need to refer to this image it can be found in this thread: Mick Doohan out of Targa

This is what happens when I try to post a picture on a second post of the same thread. Like I said it is of the same car but a different angle. I have used this feature before and like you point out you need a new post per picture but one of the more appealing aspects of this forum is the ease in which pictures can be posted. Never had trouble before
send them to me via email and I will test this out.

Thanks sent picture via "contact us link addressed to you" because I couldn't work out how to attach them to your email. I know how to with outlook express though so I used that
send them here.

[email protected]

Tim did not forward them to me. I did get the email but not the pics. ;)
Should have mail Interesting maybe the pictures have a problem or the problem is me :(
ok I tested it and was able to get both of them on the board. If you have uploaded any images previously with the same name you will get the error that you stated. I wa able to recreate that with the images you sent to me. I tried to post them elsewhere with the same response. I have created a blank image with the same filename as the first and tried to post it in this thread and got the same response. tried in another thread and got the same response.

The datanase will not allow you to post an image that has a filename that you have already posted previously. Hope that this helps. I can try to locate it in the database to see where you may have posted the image names.
Ok I think I understand. Thanks for your help:)
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