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Info screen locks up

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2021 Ford edge, 10,000 miles. The info screen will lock up intermittently. (More specific, the GPS screen).
Let it sit overnight and it comes back to life.
Who else has had this happen? Solutions for fix? It should be a warranty thing.
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Similar happens on various other makes when battery voltage is low , possibly with lack of use / short journeys and then kicks in when driven and alternator boosts the battery. Could check with dealership if a known fault , maybe a software update available .
RS Logan, thanks for your suggestions. Little more info, I had driven about 60 miles, screen was working properly, stopped for lunch and when we came back out, this was the screen we had. So, doubt it's the battery but I will load test it today. It sat overnight and all is working today. I was under the impression the system updates itself, but I'm probably wrong about that. I'm going to take it to the dealership tomorrow and show them the picture. I think I already know what they're going to say "We have to see it fail"
So guess I'll see how this goes, thanks again for the suggestions.
Not good news, I took the car to the dealership and they said probably a upload update. Well, 7 days later, they say it's still updating 🤔🤔🤔. They said they've contacted the regional rep, factory, other several other dealers and everyone says they're having major problems with the update 😳😳😳. What to do????
Not good news but at least they seem to be trying all they can to resolve the matter . Unfortunately you are in their hands on this one and dependent on them for the fix
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#2 update: dealership has had car for 2 weeks now and still not able to download the update. They don't know what to do. They said to come and get it. They're going to try and find an answer somehow and call me back, not to confident they will because they haven't kept me updated on anything, without me calling them, even after they say they'll call me daily with updates. Pretty upset with someone, not really sure where this displeasure is directed yet.
Sad state of affairs after having had car for 2 weeks now and still not able to download the update . " They're going to try and find an answer " what have they been doing in the time they've already had it ?
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Update: the dealership has had our car a couple times, replaced some control modules and still won't download. No help from Ford either. Will they ever get it fixed??🤔
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