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I have put a new clock spring because my horn and SRS bag light were not working. After putting the clock spring, the horn started to work, however the SRS light doesn't come even while starting the car with the ignition key turned to start. I was wondering if some one can advise me

(a) If the clock spring is replaced then do I have to reprogram the RCM (restraint control module) for activating the SRS
(b) Apparently there is a diagnostic tool to check the function of the RCM but I wonder whether one has to buy this tool and only then will the problem get rectified or do I have to visit the dealership to enable usage of the same.
(c) I was also wondering if some one can help me with the diagnostic steps to help localize or pin point the problem.
(d) Is there a wire or connection wherein I can check the continuity of the SRS light to see whether that is alright to start with?

My car doesn't have a cruise control mechanism.

I don't want to spend too much money on the rectification of the SRS issue so I would be grateful if some one could help me solve this problem. THANK YOU IN ANTICIPATION.
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