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everytime I start my 1990 Mustang GT a mystery chime inside the dash(sounds like it is behind the glove box) chimes 4 sets of 5 times. then at approximately 30 minute intervals the chime sequence repeats itself. what is it trying to tell me and how do I fix it or stop it.

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I drove my car with the instrument cluster out of it and I think I got the same chime you are speaking of. I wanted to watch/feel the speedometer cable while the car was moving. It confirmed the fact that my cable & tranny gear were fine and that my OEM speedometer was wacked. I have since fixed the speedometer, but you wouldn't wanna know or believe how... <g>

I presume the chime in question is a warning of some sort.

Prior to my above experimentation..I had never heard it before and after reinstallation of the gauges it quickly went away.
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