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Introduction - Hello

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Hello Everyone,

I just bought a '67 Mustang on Friday, so I have been surfing around today looking for Mustang Forums and I am really glad I found this site.

I read a lot of the posts, and it seems as if this is the place for me to learn all I can learn about my new project.

Here is a quick pic for everyone:

Just bought a 1967 Mustang

My Web


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Lets see:
It is a '67 Mustang
Has no rust, a working 351C, and the inside is in great shape.

But here are my plans.

Well for starters I have decided that I am going to pull the 351C out and put a new cam, a 4 barrell, and new headers on it.
I will also paint the bottom of the engine black and the top and all accessories ford blue.

Then while the engine is out I am going to strip the engine bay, and then repaint it black.

Also while the engine is out I will check out the transmission and all the driveline parts, including the ford 9" in the rear.

After all is done I will put it all back together and start on the suspension, because it needs it. Including new springs, new leafs, new shocks ect...

When I get to this point I will turn to the inside of the car and return it to original '67 inside, but I am going to make it solid black inside.

BUt as must of my projects go, I will start one place with all intentions of following this plan and end up doing something totally different.

But that is all for right now.
Oh I also have found the color I want ( Electric Blue exterior)

if you would like to check out some more pics follow the link below:
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