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JCN Newswire

Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 27, 2003 - (JCN Newswire) - Mazda Motor Corporation
has strengthened its popular Mazda Demio compact car lineup
with the addition of an electric four-wheel-drive (e-4WD) model and
enhancements to current models. The upgraded vehicles go on sale today
at Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealers throughout Japan.

The Mazda Demio e-4WD system uses a motor powered by a dedicated
generator to drive the rear wheels. Available on 1.3-liter and 1.5-liter
models, the system is compact and designed for smooth, everyday driving.
The electronically-controlled system responds to road conditions
engaging four-wheel drive when necessary to ensure that even drivers
unaccustomed to slippery or snow-covered roads can enjoy secure driving.
Furthermore, a switch located on the instrument panel allows the driver
to select front-wheel drive when additional traction is not required,
thereby providing better fuel efficiency than mechanical four-wheel
drive systems.

Coinciding with the introduction of the new e-4WD model, Mazda has also
partially revised existing grades by introducing round motif rear
combination lamps for a sportier rear style as well as new exterior and
interior colors. These latest refinements are designed to further
enhance Demio's stylish appeal.

Mazda plans to sell 7,000 units of the Mazda Demio series per month.

Special Features of e-4WD
1)Superior performance on slippery road surfaces
With four-wheel drive mode selected, the motor drives the rear wheels as
soon as the accelerator is depressed reducing time lag and providing a
smoother start than mechanical four-wheel drive systems. The system also
detects front wheel slippage and automatically adjusts rear wheel torque
accordingly. Together with front-wheel traction control, the e-4WD
system works to minimize front-wheel slip for stable driving on slippery
road surfaces and when climbing hills or accelerating from a standing

2)Cabin space and cargo room equal to that of a front-wheel drive
By employing a compact e-4WD system that eliminates the need for a
propeller shaft and transfer gearbox, the four-wheel drive Demio secures
the same cabin space and luggage room as that of its front-wheel drive
counterpart. Moreover, the same popular, versatile seating arrangements
are also possible.

3)Improved fuel economy
In 4WD mode, when no slippage is detected and when the vehicle has
reached a constant speed, the e-4WD system disengages the
electromagnetic clutch on the rear wheel drive unit and only powers the
front wheels. Further, the driver is free to select front-wheel drive at
anytime by using the switch on the instrument panel. By changing to
front-wheel drive when appropriate the system reduces friction and
achieves improved fuel economy compared to mechanical four-wheel drive
systems. Note : All 4WD vehicles comply with Japanese 2010 Fuel
Efficiency Standards and qualify as ultra-low emission vehicles. Cars
registered by March 31, 2004 are eligible for a 32,000-yen tax reduction
(automobile acquisition tax 15, 000 yen, automobile tax 17,000 yen)
under the Green Tax plan.

Enhancements to Mazda Demio
1)New round motif rear combination lamps
- Round motif rear combination lamps (popular in Mazda6 and RX-8) create
a rear style that fully expresses the sportiness traditionally embodied
in all Mazda products.

2)New interior colors for Cozy
- Choice of three new color schemes: Subdued Marron Beige, fresh Mint
Blue or soft Lemon Yellow.

3)Three new exterior colors
- Now available in Snow Flake White Pearl Mica, Winning Blue Metallic
and Platinum Silver Metallic.

- Brown cup holders and door trim garnish in Cozy.
- New key design.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (without tax)
(Unit: 1,000 yen)
Grade Drive Engine Transmission Retail Price

Casual e-4WD 4WD 1.3L 4EC-AT 1,330
Cozy e-4WD 1,380
Casual e-4WD 1.5L 1,505
- Prices of other grades remain unchanged.
- Add 30,000 yen for Snow Flake White Pearl Mica


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Finally! They were supposed to release an AWD, mechanical system, in the previous DW series. Would be interested to see if this new version comes to Australia.
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