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Tokyo, Japan, Jan. 08, 2004 - (JCN Newswire) - Mazda Motor Corporation
introduces an NR-A kit to equip vehicles for the Mazda RX-8
one make race in the NR-A category authorized by the Japan Automobile
Federation (JAF). The NR-A kit will be sold at Mazda Anfini and Mazda
dealerships throughout Japan from January 20. Details of the one make
race (also known as the "RX-8 Party Race"), including race dates for
2004, have also been confirmed.

The NR-A category races are motor sports competitions designed to give
drivers a chance to test their driving skills under equal conditions in
vehicles registered for daily use. As only a limited number of
modifications are required to equip vehicles for racing, drivers can
participate in full-scale motor sports competitions at a reasonable
cost. The existing "Roadster Party Race," which Mazda has supported
since its 2001 launch, has become a popular race attracting many

Designed for the RX-8 Type S to compete in the RX-8 Party Race, the NR-A
kit facilitates participation in motor sports, while ensuring vehicles
remain convenient for every day use. Through sponsoring the RX-8 Party
Race, Mazda offers a new way to experience the versatile and exciting
RX-8, creating further opportunities for families and friends to enjoy
participating in races on weekends while also using the car in their
daily lives.

Mazda will showcase the RX-8 NR-A and other customized vehicles at the
Tokyo Auto Salon 2004 with NAPAC to be held at the Makuhari Messe
Convention Center in Chiba City from January 9 through 11.

Outline of NR-A Kit (equipment required to enter races)
Available as a dealer option, the RX-8 NR-A kit consists of the items
listed below. Mazda markets these parts under the Mazdaspeed brand.*1
Entry in the races requires installation of a 4-point seat belt in
addition to these NR-A parts.

Roll bar set*2 85,000 yen
Roll bar protector*2 7,400 yen each (need set of 2)
Brake pad set (front/rear)
19,000 yen/18,000 yen
Sports radiator 150,000 yen
Oil cooler kit*3 50,000 yen
Pulling hooks (front/rear) *4 10,000 yen each
*1 Mazda designs and develops tune-up parts and accessories for the
motor sports market under the Mazdaspeed brand.
*2 Cannot be installed on models with curtain airbags or sunroof.
*3 An oil cooler duct (sold separately) is required when installing the
oil cooler kit on vehicles fitted with a Mazdaspeed front nose.
*4 A bracket (sold separately) is required for installing a front
pulling hook on vehicles fitted with a Mazdaspeed front nose. There are
two types of rear pulling hooks available: standard and those for cars
fitted with a Mazdaspeed rear underskirt.
Note: Entry in NR-A races authorized by JAF requires installation of a
4-point seat belt in addition to the above parts. However, the 4-point
seat belt and large pulling hooks (front/rear) may not be used on the
open road.

Vehicles that can be fitted with the NR-A kit: RX-8 Type S

RX-8 Type "SE3P"*5 with a valid motor vehicle inspection certificate in
compliance with the Safety Regulations for Road Vehicles.
*5 The kit cannot be fitted to vehicles with SRS curtain & front side
airbags or sunroof. The RX-8 Mazdaspeed version is not eligible as it
includes modifications outside those specified in the NR-A race

Main features of the RX-8 Party Race

- Drivers can enjoy full-scale motor sports races by competing in
Tsukuba Circuit sprint races (15 laps).
- RX-8 Type S vehicles are eligible to enter the race simply by fitting
the NR-A kit.
- Awards are given to drivers who have earned high points under the
Manner Point System.*6 *6 The original Manner Point System encourages
clean racing by reducing unreasonable passing and the risk of crashing
into the blocks. Under this system, awards are presented to participants
who have run races in compliance with the competition rules throughout
the year.

(FYI) Party Races Supported by Mazda
Race Name
"RX-8 Party Race" and "Roadster Party Race."

Race Outline
Masters: Those who have confidence in their skills and want to enjoy
raceswhile competing with an emphasis on manners.

-Race Details
[Qualifying races]
- Entry is limited to 90 vehicles.
- NR-A kit for the RX-8 Party Race is available through Mazda
- If more than 10 vehicles are disqualified additional races may be run.

[Final races]
- 30 finalists.
- Sprint races of 15 laps.
- Awards are given in each race.
- If 12 or more vehicles participate in the race, cups or trophies are
awarded to the top six drivers.

Emblem: Those who prefer to run races with an emphasison manners rather
than victory.
Clubman: Those without any past experience who want to experience
Note: JNR-A will determine the appropriate class based on driver
preferences and experience.

-Safety equipment required to participate in the race
Item Price
Roll bar set* 85,000 yen
Roll bar protector* 7,400 yen
Pulling hooks (front/rear)* 7,900 yen each
4-point seat belt -
* Can be purchased and installed at Mazda dealerships.
Note: Entry in the NR-A category races authorized by JAF requires
installation of the above safety equipment. However, the 4-point seat
belt and large pulling hooks may not be used on the open road.

2004 Party Race Schedule
Round Date Name RX-8 Roadster
1st May. 5 Old Now Car Festival Sprint race
(15 laps) Sprint race (12 laps)
2nd Jul. 25 Brains Super Race
3rd Sep. 25 Mazda Festa 2004
4th Oct. 24 Mazda Fan Family Day Endurance race (60 minutes)
Note: Dates and race details are subject to change.

All races are to be held at Tsukuba Circuit 'Course 2000,' Japan.

Race category
NR-A category races authorized by JAF (competition for vehicles
registered for daily use.)

Entrants must hold a valid JAF national A driver's license or above.
(Please contact the organizer for technical support for license

Entry fees
Sprint race (both RX-8 and Roadster) 35,000 yen (including tax)
Endurance race (Roadster only) 70,000 yen (including tax)

Race Organizer
The races are organized by the Japan NR-A Race Association and supported
by Mazda Motor Corporation.
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