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Hi Everybody,

My sincere thanks for your support and e-mails, it really means the world to
me and I am quite touched by it.

I'm a pretty simple bloke and I can tell you it is just amazing to think
that so many people care about me and my future.

Speaking of my future, I am still in discussion.

Obviously the bigger high profile teams already have contracts with their
drivers but I'm talking to a couple of teams where I think I can make a
difference and most importantly enjoy myself with like minded people.

Lets face it that's why I started racing all those years ago, to enjoy it!

I hope to have something settled pretty soon because just like most people,
I have a mortgage and kids at school, but the real reason is that I still
have a burning passion for V8 Racing.

Watching the Indy races for the V8s last weekend made me feel sick inside, I
just want to get out there.

The people from Ford have been very supportive and they are helping, so good
news soon I hope keep your fingers crossed.

With the recent events happening around the world I think people are looking
at everything in a different way.

But its very important to keep moving through life, doing what you feel you
do best.

There are lots of talk of doom and gloom in the world economy at the moment,
however I think all will come right and 2002 will be a great year for

Once again thanks for everything

Cheers JB

PS: We're working on updating the website at the moment. I
am sure you'll enjoy the changes we have in store. And if you have any
suggestions why not tell the guys at HOTLAP by emailing them at
[email protected]
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