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A few weeks back I subscribed to John Mellor's automotive e-news. Every week or so he sends you a pdf newsletter. Good value considering its free.

Subscribe here:

I also just received the FTR news in my inbox. I had a good laugh at this bit :

Ford Tickford Racing (FTR) drivers Glenn Seton and Steven Richards are now more comfortable in the drivers seat thanks to the release of a new range of team emblazoned underwear.
Designed and manufactured by Davenport, the new range of briefs and boxer shorts not only benefit Glenn and Steven; fans can also buy the FTR underwear at retail outlets across the country.
I actually saw these at Grace Bros a few weeks back. It's good that they have finally caught up in this area, as I think HRT have been selling underwear for years now :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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