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I thought I would post a thread about the JTG Liquid Gas Injection system and the Orbital Liquid Gas Injection system I just got installed yesterday.

I was hoping that I could get some advice because I don't know what to do now.

I am a LPG enthusiast and love it. So far, I have owned at least 8 different cars running LPG and ever since paying 24 cents for LPG once, I have been addicted.

So far, I have owned an Air-rod system, several other normal LPG systems, two vapour injection systems on my VT Clubsport and my EL Falcon GT which were installed by MED automotive, a JTG Liquid Gas Injection system on my BF2 XR8 ute and finally, I just put on the Orbital Liquid Gas Injection system. Obviously, vapour and liquid gas injection systems have a huge advantage over the old systems in the fact that they never backfire. The two vapour injection systems I got from MED automotive were fantastic, I drove both my GT and Clubsport for 5 years without a single problem until I sold them.

After speaking with my long time mechanic Peter King from PK mechanical, he installed a JTG Liquid gas injection system which has been the first system I have had problems with. Peter has been working on my car for years, classic Australian mechanic. Brutally honest but most importantly extremely honest. The amount of times I have brought in a car and had him do simple things where he hasn’t charged or worked out a problem almost instantly when others couldn’t has made him my long time mechanic. I genuinely recommend him as he is a good mechanic, you just need to look past the first time he looks at your car and depresses you when he finds problems that you didn't know you had. After it was fitted, I had a problem with it changing over very occasionally. It ran well most of the time but occasionally, it wouldn't change over properly and sometimes even stall on the changeover. I brought it back to PK Mechanical who several times replaced several parts that could have been at fault. Each time, he had it for a couple of days and each time, it still had the same problem. I started to get really frustrated when wondered why his supplier wasn’t offering him much help. This process has been going on for over 4 months now so I decided to contact the supplier of the system and told him how frustrated I was. Michael was very angry when I asked him why he wasn't helping his dealer and said that he shouldn't be telling me that. He said that he would take care of it and rang Peter straight away and it was pretty clear that it wasn’t pretty. Michael advised me that he would call me back within 2 weeks. After 3 weeks, I called him and he then gave me a phone number for a guy who was supposedly heading up to Sydney and to talk to him. I tried this number but couldn’t get through to him because his message back was full. I then called back Michael and he told me I would get a call. I heard back from the guy later on that day and he told me to change the computer in the car and when I told him that we had already changed the computer twice, he told me he was coming up to Sydney within a week or two which I wasn’t overly enthused about as my wife refuses to drive my car at the moment when it cuts out around corners occasionally.

After 3 weeks, I called him back and he told me that he wasn’t coming up now till after Easter which at the time was nearly 3 weeks away. This made me really angry and I told him that I was really unhappy as the car is getting worse and it has been nearly 5 months now since I have had a JTG system installed and it has never worked properly. He said that there was nothing he could do and said I could pay another mechanic to fix it which I said was unacceptable and that he should just help him dealer out first. He then said he would contact me after Easter. I even told Michael that if you could get this working well, I am buying a GT Falcon and will be installing that too.

I still haven’t heard JTG. They have let me down 3 times now and I had almost given up.

Then yesterday, I pulled into a customers house to park and he was watching me because it was close and the car stalled on the change over, quite embaressing. Then when I drove home from the city, I couldn't fill up the LPG because the JTG system when it gets hot doesn't let you fill it. This was the final straw.

I rang them up again and again asked what is happening. Incredibly, he tells me he still doesn't know when he is coming up to Sydney and couldn't give me a date. I asked him why he wouldn't even call me to let me know and said that their was nothing I could do and told me to go back to my installer. When I told him that you guys aren't helping him out and he has tried everything that he knows and needs help, he suggested I pay someone else to fix it.

It was at this point I snapped especially when I picked up my GTP Falcon the same day after getting a orbital system installed.

I paid $5500 for a system that has never worked properly and after getting the orbital system, I want the JTG system ripped out and gone. I would have never bought it had I known that I could fill the tank if I drive it for more than an hour. My mechanic has agreed to pull it out but the dealer is refusing to give him his money back. I don't know what to do but I am filthy over this whole situation.

Anyway, I went to get a blue slip for my BF GTP falcon from Nick Combes in Castle Hill that I bought just before Easter. You know you are onto a good mechanic when he first asked what car I wanted the blue slip for and I told him the GTP and he said, ahh a real man’s car. He started telling me about the Orbital Liquid Gas Injection system and told me to do some research online which I did with the manufacturers of system and spoke with Liquid LPG at Arndell Park in Sydney.

So far, the Orbital system seems streets ahead in a lot of ways. Firstly, the JTG looks average to say the least. I lost the top of my engine and have these ugly cheap plastic looking injectors sticking out. The orbital system is fully hidden, the whole thing just looks heaps better. I also won’t have the problem that if I drive my car for an hour or two, I won’t have trouble filling up the car because the tank is too hot.

The moment I drove the GTP, I rang them and told them, I'm in love. The car runs smoother on GAS and instantaneously, I noticed it is faster on LPG.

So, I thought there might be some other LPG enthusiasts out there that might enjoy me talking about the experience, I'm as happy as a pig in shit at the moment with my GTP running the Orbital LPG system. My GTP is fully optioned up, white with black stripes and now I have the the best of both worlds.A 290Kw GTP Falcon that is cheap as chips to run.

I have attached some photos of the JTG system and will be posting some of my GTP hopefully later today.
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