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Fords best sales since August last year, full details at:

In summary:

Ford: 10,807
Holden: 15,699
Toyota: 14,350

Large cars

Falcon: 5273
Commodore: 8097
Avalon: 1676
Magna: 2280

Light cars

Barina: 982
Accent: 1337
Echo: 535
Ka: Not listed, probably less than 100

Small cars

Astra: 2906
Corolla: 2720
Pulsar: 2058
Laser: 1469


Statesman: 325
Fairlane: not listed, probably 150 or less

Medium all-terrain wagons

Escape: 280
Tribute: 798

Falcon Ute: 1730

If Ford could increase Falcon sales a bit, get Fiesta in to compete with Barina and co. and increase Laser sales a bit we'd be right up there fighting for number one!

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Im unfamiliar with how car sales trend thoughout the year but year to date is a killer..

Ford 51,238 53,901 -2663
Holden 79,073 66,156 +12,917

what you are suggesting would require nearly a 50% sales increase.

maybe everyone is holding for the ford power increase

Mmmm, forbidden donut
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Strife, I meant Ford could start to compete for No. 1 on a per monthly basis, there is no way they can do any better than number 3 in 2001, I concede that...

Actually I can't really see Ford fighting for No.1 until at least 2003 when AV Falcon and Fiesta (possibly) arrive..

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just on a vaguely related note :

Fortune 500 Rank Company Revenues ($ millions)

3 General Motors 184,632.0
4 Ford Motor 180,598.0

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The Astra is whooping ass!
3000 sold! Selling like hot cakes!

Whats the figures on the Holden UTE?

It only mentions the Falcon ute.


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The Falcon ute outsold the Holden ute but I think both companies struggled to meet demand. Don't know the exact figure
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