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Nice place here. Just cruisin thru from Ford Muscle. Things are a little thin yet way down on the American Falcon page.

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I know I may sound ignorant, but could someone lead me to a link that explains what the Falcon is? Is it a muscle car?

Or are we talking about the Australian Ford called the Falcon?

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Falcons were built in the US from 1960 to 1970. Go to the Ford Falcon Club of America site to learn more about Falcons.

They were one of Detroit's first compact cars of the '60's along with the Chevrolet Corvair, Plymouth Valiant, Dodge Lancer, Studebaker Lark, etc. They were supposed to fight off the cheap imports like the Volkswagen bugs and Renaults. The late 50's and early '60's were great for seeing a lot of foreign makes in the US. Most did not make it because they would burn up on our highways and weren't designed for interstate travel across the country.

In 1964 Ford introduced the Mustang which used a lot of Falcon parts in the early production. So you could say that Falcons were pre-production Mustangs!

Type Ford Falcon into your browser and they will probably be in the first three listings.
Good luck!
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