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Hi all,

I have a '66 GT350 replica (still being finished), are they ever?
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no! :D

i'm still finishing the resto on my '66 coupe. doing it up as a GT and it's about 25% complete. need to rip out the engine and start rebuilding that and find me a t5 to drop in there!

one of my brother's did a rather interesting mod to his '66: he made it into a hardtop convertible! it looks alright and he has the paint scheme from a '65 GT350. i just wish he'd stop trying to race me when he knows he'll lose! ;)
yes, i hope that many more classic mustang owners can come to this board.

i own a probe as well. kinda funny me owning the car that was supposed to replace the pony eh? :)

spread the word and let's get this forum rocking!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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