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Emilio Valdez - San Diego, California

I am an electronic technician in the United States Navy and am stationed in San Diego. As President and Founder of a California Mustang club called Wicked Stangs. I have a 1994 Ford Mustang GT-R #0001. If you were to look at the pictures you would assume it is a cobra. Except, for the rear bumper saying Mustang GT. Which, is the only way you can tell it is not a true Cobra. My GT-R has the following modifications: Ford Motorsport X303 cam, 4.56 gears, Cobra upper and lower manifold set fully ported and polished, Crane cam 1.6 roller rockers, Windsor jr. 1.94/1.60 heads fully ported and polished, Mac Long Tube headers and shorty H-Pipe, BBK 70mm Throttle body, Flowmaster mufflers.

My mustang GT reads more like a streetcar than a Pro 5.0 drag. Being President, I am heavily involved with the Wicked Stangs Nationwide Mustang Club ( I decided the club with the flashy name needed a project car as well so I donated my car as the test mule. Wicked Stangs is transforming this blue and white GT-R coupe into a serious street machine with Immediate future modifications include preparing the car for National Mustang Racing Associations Pure Street class with a Flaming River manual rack-and-pinion, Hal K-member, Tremec TKO 5-speed, Lakewood 90/10 struts and 50/50 shocks, CarTech Stage II fuel system, 8-point roll cage, Mega Bite SR upper and lower control arms, Eibach drag springs with air bag, and Weld Pro Star wheels with Mickey Thompson ET slicks on the rear. Emilio credits Ed Hale Performance Motors for the Pro Bullet 306 beast in the making. Skip Debaun for 90 percent of helping to get the car ready for the 2002 season, while Supreme Paint & Body gets the honors for applying the Blue saw tooth design and pure white paint. It’s one bad Mustang on the San Diego streets.

A long-term future modification includes a supercharger. Wicked Stangs mustang club was established in San Diego, California, which has grown nation-wide (Texas, North Carolina, New Mexico, Georgia). All Wicked Stangs’ mustangs can be seen at

Proud Mustang owner
Emilio Valdez
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Hi Emilio,
Just a new member myself. I visited your web site...........Very Nice. Congratulations to you and your friends for starting a Mustang Club. I'm the Past President of our local Mustang Club here in Kennewick, WA. and I know what a lot of work it takes to be involved in running a Club. I wouldn't mind being a member of your club except for one thing, having to wear the windshield decal. Other than that it looks like you have a great Club.
I'm own a '95 Cobra (SSSNAKE) and by looking at the pictures of your '94 GT, it's easy to see that it's not a Cobra. You're missing the front Cobra Fascia (front bumper lower air dam with running lights). Your wing is a GT wing, (94-95 Cobra's have a step down wing) '96 to '98 Cobra's used the '94-'95 GT Wing. Also '94 - '95 Cobra's rear fascia only had the word MUSTANG on it.
Don't get me wrong, I still like your car. I've replaced my Cobra wing with a Saleen SR wing. Don't know why, just liked the looks. Especially when I have the Trunk Lid open and you're looking from the front. It reminds me of a Hooded Cobra.
Keep up the good work. I'm coming to the Knott's Berry Show. I'll look you up.
John Bridges


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This is my car

SSSNAKE, this is the picture of my car.
website is not done yet but here is the link


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Sweet looking snakes you guy have there, and welcome fellow Californian;)
Sweet looking GT-R. I was mistaken. I was looking at Wicked Stangs Web Site and saw an older picture of your car. I didn't see the extensive work that you have done to your GT-R. Now I know where you get the "R" from. I hope to see you at the Knott's Berry Show. We'll be able to compare notes.
I also noticed that I didnot get one of my web address's correct. Stop by here and check out mine & my son's '93 LX, and you're welcome to post any of your car pictures there, if you want.
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