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Wow, that's definitely "blau". The only modification I've made to my interior (not including the dog hair everywhere) was to get rid of the paper-mache speakers and put in some Kenwoods. Where did you get the white gauge border? I've seen the white gauge cluster for around $90 from JCWhitney. How difficult was it to install?

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Thanks!!! Glad you like it. Actually the border is the original black piece that was installed from the factory. I just removed the plastic covering it "Read:VERY CAREFULLY!!!!" and painted it with the original Oxford White spray can touch up paint. "PSST by the way the truck used to be white about a year ago". The rest of the interior was carefullt preped and painted with the same base/clear that we used on the outsides. As for the cloth and floor coverings I used black tweed over 1/4 landau foam.
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