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BRENTWOOD, 12 November, 2003 – The last Ford Focus RS has left Ford’s Saarlouis plant in Germany, marking the final chapter in the production story of the most successful fast Ford ever.

The last of the 215PS, WRC-inspired performance models carries the edition number ‘4501’, reflecting Ford’s intention to build no more than 4,500. Focus RS been sold in 21 countries across Europe, with British customers snapping up by far the largest share – 2,147 Focus RS have their steering wheels on the right hand side.

Said Ford of Britain’s managing director, Paul Thomas: "We always knew Focus RS would be a sales winner, but we could never have predicted its fantastic reception and the effect it had in re-igniting passion for the Ford RS brand."

Created as a no-compromise performance car, Focus RS was developed with the assistance of Ford’s WRC drivers and with the performance car cognoscenti in mind, partnering with key motorsport names including Sparco, OZ Racing and Brembo.

The 4,501 Focus RS production cars were built two months faster than originally predicted, with the last one being driven off the line on 3 November – 394 days since production began on 2 October 2002.

A numbers game – little-known facts about Ford Focus RS:

10 Number of hours each Ford Focus RS took to build

30 Maximum number of Ford Focus RS that could be built each day in Ford’s Saarlouis production plant

521 Number of components in each car unique to Ford Focus RS

70 Percentage of total components in each Ford Focus RS that are unique, revised or uprated

2147 Total number of Ford Focus RS sold in Britain

48 Percentage of total production this represents

1 Total number of Ford Focus RS sold in Turkey

0.02 Percentage of total production this represents

15.5 Time in seconds Ford Focus RS takes to reach 100mph from rest

4.1 Time in seconds it takes to stop again

1.0 Braking force in ‘g’ generated by Ford Focus RS

60 Approximate number of specialist engineers contracted to work on developing Ford Focus RS

1969 First year the RS brand was applied to a production Ford car

20 Number of RS-badged Ford vehicles since this time

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Wow, what a cool post. Alot of interesting figures there!

Too bad there wasn't a figure 1 - sold in Australia! :wnc: (or more, I can share ;) )

Thanks for the info. Cheers...... Tim

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I know for a fact that there would have been at LEAST double the number of RS' sold here (than the one sold in Turkey at the very least!!) than our measly 100 ST170's which as yet remain unsold in total... just a sniff of the fact that they'd kill a WRX would have sold them. Even at $48k for example they would have sold. Oh well. Just will have to resort to a 2nd hand grey import. That craps all over those stupid Skyrines and Rice burning Jap Traps. I'll get me an RS one day if I can afford it. It just hurts to see half of them were RHD too... boooo

P.S. Sorry to whoever was offended by my last post and asked fir ot to be edited... I apologize, NOTHING was meant by it other than that there was one car sold. Had it been Greece, New Zealand, Belgium or Antactica the comment would ahve been the same. I'm still annoyed we don't get the RS though!!! Just unfair that some countries did when we could have sold dozens. Ford Australia just needs a little more bargaining power methinks... hopefully the eventual export of the Falcon (if possible) might assist altho that remains a long way off yet from what it seems.
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