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Hi all,

I have a leak in my car on the passenger side footwells and in the boot where the spear wheel is stored. I have brought it to 2 garages in ireland and neither can see where the leak is coming from. They ran the powerhose over it and cant see any visible signs around the doors or windows and i have no sunroof.
This is a long standing issue with about a year. My most recent garage drilled small holes in the boot in the wheel area to drain the water but i saw recently that i now have mould on the passenger side on the side "wall".
I tried a wetvac to soak up water from the mat and it seems to be a "flood" esp after rain, during the summer it wasnt as wet i thought.

Has this happened to anyone else and can anyone tell me what i need the garage to look for specifically.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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