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Ok I dont know if its a good idea or not cuz its kind of a sad subject that noone wants to hear, but who knows. I was thinking maybe we could have a board where members post their accidents, wrecks, legal matters such as tickets maybe, something like that. I know noone wants to hear about this, and I hope we would have the least posts on this board. However, I think by reading these stories people would probably think about the consequences of reckless driving, drunk driving, street racing (nothing wrong with it as long as you are not putting anyone in danger), and speeding. Dont get me wrong I love speed too, but I just wrecked my car recently and I believe if I tell people my story and what I went through it would probably make people think and thus would lead people toward being safer drivers behind the wheel. If we just stop for a second to think about the consequences of carelessness and recklessness maybe we could avoid some accidents. I have doubts about this though, maybe this is not a good idea after all.

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Tang Pgt said:

Don't drive fast through small South Carolina towns at 3:30 Am.

You too can be the Proud owner of a $400 speeding ticket
Yeah a lot of people were given tickets that weekend. I would swear SCSP was waiting for us. On our way to MM2K we saw cops on I-20 the entire time.
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